Council Information

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Hamble-le-Rice Standing Orders (March 2015) Hamble-le-Rice Parish Council Financial Regulations (March 2017) Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (Adopted 2009)
HPC Representatives 2016-17 Our Data Protection Act Registration Equalities Policy
Complaints Policy How To Make A Complaint
HPC Code of Conduct
Complaint Forma
Complaint Process 
Tree Policy and Guidance

Key Locations
 Memorials In Public Spaces Policy 

Hamble Parish Council Committees and Working Groups
All Hamble Councillors are members of the Council and attend Council meetings on the 2nd and fourth Monday of every month (except during August)
Membership of Committees
Asset Management Committee Burial Ground Committee Personnel Committee
Cllr M Cross (Chair)
Cllr S Schofield
Cllr I Underdown
Cllr G Woodall
Cllr D Phillips
Cllr S Schofield (Chair)
Cllr I Underdown
Cllr P Beach
Cllr I Underdown (Chair)
Cllr S Cohen
Cllr P Beach
Representation on Working Parties
Appeals Panel Christmas Lights Working Party Travel Tokens Working Party
Cllr M Cross
Cllr D Rolfe
Cllr D Phillips
Cllr D Rolfe
Cllr I James
Cllr G Woodall
Cllr Schofield
Dinghy Park Working GroupPlanning Task and Finish Group 
Cllr Cohen
Cllr Philips
Cllr Underdown
Cllr Rolfe  
The Council also use Task and Finish Groups to consider time limited projects. A recent example was the Councils response to the Satchell Lane Planning Application