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Dinghy Park Application Form
Dinghy Park Letter and Terms & Conditions

Hamble Walking Netball Poster
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Light Up Netley
is happening on Friday 1st December 2017.

Please note there will be a couple of local road closures for a short term in order for the procession of children to pass from school to St Edwards Church, this will be around 1630-1700hrs.

Priory Road, St Edwards Road and Grange Road will all be affected. Please be patient with the traffic.

This a local event and will finish in the grounds of St Edwards Church.

Response forms for the Hampshire County Council Hamble Lane Improvement consultation are now available from the Parish Council office. You can download one here.

Information about the scheme can be viewed at:




Dear Residents,
From Friday 17th to the early morning on Wednesday 22nd there have been 5 Burglaries, 2 of a dwelling and 3 of other buildings (garages). This means there individuals operating, mainly under cover of darkness, targeting properties within Hamble.
The Police have not received any calls regarding suspicious incidents in the area over that time frame in or near the victims location.
The following steps can be taken to minimise risk:
  1. Ensure Garages / Gates are locked securely.
  2. Do not keep valuable item in Garages - this includes expensive bicycles.
  3. Ensure adequate lighting / alarm systems fitted as appropriate and act on alerts by contacting Police.
  4. Spread the word with your neighbours and your community - advise them to subscribe to Hampshire Alerts and receive these updates themselves. https://www.hampshirealert.co.uk/ (https://www.hampshirealert.co.uk/)
  5. Call Police immediately on 999 if you believe a crime is in progress or 101 to give further information.
Please do not respond directly to this message with details about a crime as these MUST go through the 999 or 101 service.
Working together we can fight crime and help your community.
PCSO Davenport 15737


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Back to School Poster

First have published a new bus timetable book for the Southampton area with changes coming into operation on Sunday 29th October.

· First Service 6 – Hamble, Netley to Southampton. There are no changes to the times of buses however there is a change of route within Southampton. Buses no longer serve Briton Street. Orchard Place, Platform Road, Canute Road, Royal Crescent & Saltmarsh Road but will now operate via Bernard Street and the Central Bridge. This avoids some of the worst traffic congestion at peak times and is slightly shorter thus helping to improve reliability and time keeping. Services X4/X5 and The Three will continue serving the roads the 6 is withdrawing from.

· There are no changes to First’s X4/X5 serving Old Netley.

There are no changes to Xelabus services at this time.

Please send an email to asstclerk@hamblepc.org.uk or telephone
02340 453 422 and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Land on the North side of Hamble Lane

Hamble-le-Rice Oarish Council proposes to dispose of the above land to Eastleigh Borough Council.

Copies of the land plan are attached.

Any representations regarding to proposed disposal must be made in writing and sent to the Clerk to the Parish Council at the address set out below by no later than 14th November 2017.

Amanda Jobling
Clerk to Hamble-le-Rice Parish Council
Parish Office
2 High Street
SO14 4JE

Junction 8 Update
To view the HPC Response to the Consultation at Junction 8 and Windhover report, click here.

Have your say poster

Council Vacancy
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The Council has published a list of topics/agenda items for the year (download/view here). The list is reviewed at each meeting and updated. This sometimes means items are moved around so it is worth checking with the Parish Office if you want to know about a particular item.

If you want to add an item to the list you should come along to a meeting and address the Council and identifying the issue you want considering. It might require a formal item to be scheduled or we might be able to help outside the meeting. Contact the office via the following clerk@hamblepc.org.uk or 023 8045 3422