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BP would like to offer its sincere apologies for the concern caused by the sounding of the alarm early on the morning of Wednesday the 20th July.

This false alarm was caused by an over sensitive detector which was promptly replaced.

The alarm that was sounded was the ‘on-site’ alarm which only requires action by terminal staff. This is the alarm which is tested every Tuesday at 11:00.

The Public Information Zone ‘off-site’ alarm which is intended to alert the public is the alarm which is tested annually on the first Tuesday of June at 10:45.

You can hear a recording of this alarm on the Warn & Inform Service http://www.bphamble.publicregistrationpage.co.uk/

All registrants for this free Warn & Inform Service would be sent a system test message once a year to coincide with the annual ‘off-site’ alarm test in early June. In the unlikely event of an actual incident this service would be used to send information via text message to mobiles, or text to voice to the landlines of all registrants.

There is presently no plan to send any other messages via this service. On the website there is also a link where you can download a PDF of the Safety Card.

Following the recent false alarm we will also be adding a recording of the ‘on-site’ Fire Alarm as soon as is possible.

If you have any questions please contact BP Hamble on 023 8045 6028.

Sample the flavours of Hampshire at Hamble’s Festival of Food this September.

On 3rd September, Hampshire Farmers’ Markets will be returning to Hamble’s Foreshore Car Park from 10am to 4pm for the village’s Festival of Food.

For more details of the event please click here.

COUNCIL NEWS August 2016

The Parish Council held an Extra Ordinary meeting to discuss the Lifeboat Station construction project. A working party presented to the Council recommendations and a list of requirements to bring the public toilets/facilities up to an acceptable standard. This took into account previous survey reports received, including the report recently commissioned by the Parish Council.

Subsequently, further meetings have been held including representatives of Hamble Lifeboat and all agreed that opening of the unisex toilets as soon as possible was the highest priority.

Councillor Keith House, leader of the Borough Council, attended a Council meeting to update the Parish Council on the progress of the provision of a library for Hamble. Working with the County Council, the Borough Council has identified the former Barclays Bank as the most suitable building for a library in Hamble. The Borough Council has had their offer to buy the building accepted but this purchase is subject to contract.

The Council has received planning permission for a new storage building at the College Playing Fields, so that the groundstaff’ s equipment can be centralised to enable more efficiency.

Tony Daniels, Clerk of Denmead Parish Council, gave a presentation to the Parish Council regarding Neighbourhood Plans, which were introduced through the Localism Act 2011. Denmead was a frontrunner Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan and he shared its experience in undertaking this process.

Denmead is one of only a small number of Parish Councils who have worked through the process to achieve a Neighbourhood Plan and he was happy to offer further advice if required.

The Annual meeting with Sports Representatives that use the Parish Council's facilities has taken place. Hamble Club Football Club was please to inform the Council that their new facilities at Parish Community Facilities off Hamble Lane are near completion and will be ready for the new football season.

The Council has undertaken its end of financial year internal audit and completed the Annual Return.

The Council has been informed that one of the government oil pipelines through the parish has been formally abandoned as it has been superseded by newer pipelines.

Westfield Common Information Board
A new information board has been installed at Westfield Common and received many compliments. Unfortunately within days of its installation it was vandalised by being completely covered in spray paint.

It appears this was done by the person who has caused similar graffiti/vandalism in the area including at the Hamble Halt bridge. The board has been cleaned and people are encouraged to view the new board to find out more about Westfield Common.

Brendan Gibbs MILCM

Clerk to Hamble-le-Rice Parish Council