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Allotment Rent Increase
Would all allotment holders at the Hamble Lane Allotment Gardens please note a decision to increase their allotment rents has been made by the Parish Council.

The announcement may be viewed here.

How can we improve Coronation Parade shopping area?

Eastleigh Borough Council, in partnership with Hamble-le-Rice Parish Council, is considering ways of improving the area around the shops at the Coronation Parade at the entrance to the village.

Suggestions include:
  • New surfacing
  • New bins
  • Planters and hanging baskets
  • Bollards
  • Improved steps with decorative/artistic design
  • Seating
  • Traffic calming
  • A new notice board
  • improved and additional parking
There is a proposal to improve the Parade as illustrated here.

Please let me know if you have any comment to make by using the contact methods listed on this site.
Brendan Gibbs
Clerk to the Parish Council

Hamble Foreshore Clock Permits.
Will all parishioners please note that there was an error printed on page 26 of the November 2016 edition of the Village Magazine.

The Hamble Foreshore Clock Permits will rise in price to £7.00 as from 1st January 2017.

The permits will be available to purchase from Monday 12th December 2016.

We look forward to seeing parishioners eager to take advantage of this generous concession.

The External Auditor
has now completed the annual audit of the Parish Council’s activities.
Further information may be found here.

COUNCIL NEWS November 2016
Very good news!

The Secretary of State has refused the appeal by Hallam Land Management for a development of 225 residential units, plus a 60 bed care home and 40 extra care units next to Hamble Station. This development would have had a significant impact on the local gap and countryside, causing the villages to coalesce. Therefore the local Parish Councils, Borough Council and local residents made a strong case at the Public Inquiry against this development, particularly fearing if allowed it would set a precedent for other unacceptable developments.

This appeal was referred to the Secretary of State for a decision, rather than the Planning Inspector, although the Planning Inspector in his report also dismissed the appeal. The Secretary of State decided that the site performed a function which was specific to the location and which would be permanently undermined by the development. Also he considered overall the adverse impacts of the proposal would significantly and demonstrably outweigh its benefits. Hallum has the right to challenge the Secretary of State's decision by making an application to the High Court within six weeks.

Representatives of Foreman Homes attended a Parish Council meeting to inform the Council that it is in pre-application discussions with the planning authority, regarding a proposed development of 50 residential units in the field between the north end of the footpath alongside the former airfield and the houses in Satchell Lane opposite the Mercury estate. The Council asked to be kept informed when more specific details were available.

There was no demand to hold a poll, so the two vacancies on the Parish Council were filled by co-option. There were four applicants for the two vacancies, with Iain James and Grant Woodall being co-opted onto the Parish Council. The longest serving Councillor said in his 20+ years on the Council he had not known a time when there was such a good choice of applicants for co-option onto the Parish Council. Councillors expressed the view that it was a very difficult decision as every one of them had much to offer the Council. The unsuccessful candidates were told there would be other opportunities and please continue to offer their skills and service to the community.

The Council has received a letter of resignation from Brendan Gibbs, the Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, as he has been appointed to a similar position at another local council. Brendan will be leaving the Parish Council at the end of January and the process of appointing his replacement has started.

He will be much missed.

The Borough Council has drawn up a proposal to improve the Coronation Parade area of the village. This includes new surfacing, seats, bins, bollards, trees, planters and hanging baskets. Also improved steps with decorative/artist design, traffic calming and improved/additional parking.

The Parish Council and the Borough Council are seeking parishioners’ comments, so please look at the Parish Council website to view the scheme and if you do not have access to the internet visit the Parish Office.

Brendan Gibbs MILCM

Clerk to Hamble-le-Rice Parish Council